Advanced eClinical Training (ACT) is a different type of online school. We provide pre-health students with an opportunity to earn the credentials for entry-level work in an affordable, self-paced program that takes approximately eight weeks to complete. Gaining real-world experience before continuing your education helps to make you a more well-rounded candidate when the time comes to turn in your application.

Our certificate programs are open to everyone from new high school graduates to full-time workers who may have been out of school for decades. Earning a certificate from an accredited institution like ACT is a great way to make your application stand out among others, whether it’s for a job or medical school.

The Ultimate in Flexibility

You have more things going on in your life than completing an online certificate program in healthcare. That’s why we designed our medical certification programs with adult learners in mind. If completing your assignments and viewing lectures in the middle of the night is what works for you, that’s fine with us. Not only can you log in at any time and on any day, but you won’t have set due dates for your assignments either.
Most students complete their course requirements after eight to 12 weeks of full-time study. However, course materials remain available to you for 12 months from the date of registration. Speaking of registration, you will be able to review your materials and start the certificate program of your choice immediately after we receive your tuition payment.


At ACT, we are always at the forefront of innovation and knowledge. Before designing the curriculum, our staff makes sure that the information we pass onto our students represents the most currently available data in healthcare. Here are just some of the ways we present course materials to our students:
Most instructors post quizzes and exams frequently to give students a chance to test their knowledge and feel confident in it before moving on to the next learning module. Our interactive and immersive content allows students to feel like they are right there in a healthcare setting working alongside more experienced staff. ACT intentionally hires instructors with years of experience in the field they want to teach.

We Cover Your Certification Exam Fee as Part of Your Tuition

After you have completed all modules in your medical assistant, patient care technician, pharmacy technician, or physical therapy technician program, the next step is to take a certification exam. You must pass the exam before you can begin working in the job of your choice. Instructors spend significant time helping students review course materials and study for the exam before they schedule an appointment to take it.

Enroll Now!

ACT offers flexibility, 100 percent online training for in-demand healthcare careers, and affordable programs for all. We invite you to enroll now and begin working on your program the same day. You may also contact us to learn more about each of our medical programs.