Why Choose Advanced eClinical Training (ACT)?

ACT gives you the perfect balance between convenience and real-world practice. 

With ACT, your medical certification program is completely self-paced and 100% online, meaning your courses easily fit around your schedule. You’ll also get hands-on practice with a guaranteed clinical placement (optional). Finally, ACT’s support does not end after certification. We provide lifetime career services to ensure you’re on track to obtain your desired healthcare position.

Immersive, Online Training and Optional Clinical Placement

Get a Job Within 6-months of Certification or Get a Full Refund

24/7 Dedicated Support Team and 1:1 Instructor Office Hours

Immediate Course Access — No Wait Time

Many educational training programs require applicants to fill out lengthy and tedious applications in order to gain acceptance. At ACT, we’ve streamlined our application process, so you can quickly get to work on your course of study.

Unlike the traditional application process, you need only to enroll on our website to experience a seamless learning journey with no wait time. We don’t require standardized test scores, transcripts, personal statements, or letters of recommendation. When you register online, you’ll gain instant access to all course materials without the need of cohorts and lengthy questionnaires. Say goodbye to unnecessary delays and start learning at your own pace, right away.

Fully Online — The Easy Way to Begin Your Healthcare Career

ACT offers 100% online medical training programs. This means you never need to worry about the logistics of getting to a physical classroom to further your studies. You can study from anywhere in the United States or Canada, and even from the comfort of your home. This saves commuting time, which you can instead use to study or complete day-to-day life tasks.

Self-Paced Learning — Never Wait for an Instructor Again

As soon as you enroll, you have access to your entire course of study. That means every class, every lecture, and every learning module is available when you’re ready. This allows you to study at your own pace and schedule. You don’t need to worry about rearranging your life to accommodate a rigid class schedule; instead, you can work on lessons whenever your life allows.

Our programs are designed to be completed in as little as 8-12 weeks, but you’re granted access to all course materials, learner support, and additional resources for a full 12-months, allowing you to work as quickly or as leisurely as you desire.

Simulation-Based Training — Your Ticket to On-the-Job Confidence

Our comprehensive training programs include patient simulations for clinical practice. This means you’ll be able to actively participate in realistic healthcare situations, honing your critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making capabilities.

For a hands-on approach to skills like phlebotomy and administering vaccines, we also offer a venipuncture kit that simulates working on an actual patient. You will learn to navigate complex healthcare scenarios and communicate effectively with patients and colleagues to develop confidence in real-world healthcare settings.

Clinical Experience — Get a Position Without the Stress

ACT guarantees you a clinical placement (optional). You’ll have the opportunity to gain clinical hours and hands-on practice before applying to medical, dental, nursing, or PA school.

We also guarantee you a job within 6-months of certification or you receive a full refund. We can offer this guarantee because our nationally recognized certifications are in high demand. No more fighting over volunteer opportunities with other pre-health students.

Instead, you could gain hands-on clinical experience as a valuable member of the healthcare team. Not only does this set you apart from other applicants, but in many cases, medical facilities will also hire certified students to work before or while attending a post-graduate medical program and then hire them as nurses, doctors, PAs, or dentists once they’ve graduated.

Flexible Payment Options — Because School Shouldn’t be a Financial Burden

Our training and programs are competitively and affordably priced, ranging from approximately $2000-$3200. Payment options are available, where you can make a monthly payment towards your tuition cost. The best part of our payment plans is that they are interest free! The interest-free monthly payments allow you to focus on your studies without financial burden. Additionally, discounts are sometimes available, so be sure to check when you enroll.

Pre-health Mentorship Programs — Improve Your Grad School Application with Insider Knowledge

For students pursuing medical, dental, pharmacy, or PA school, we offer specialized one-on-one mentorship programs with working professionals in their field of choice. Throughout the program, mentors will address every aspect of the application process, from test preparation to resume refinement, personal statement writing, and interview prep.

This unique program matches prospective students with experts in their field who have stood in their shoes. They’re there to give students the best chance of acceptance into their program of choice, share information about what it’s like to be a working professional and answer questions students have about school, career, and the admissions process.

Lifetime Access to Career Services — Job Guaranteed in 6-months or Your Money Back

Our relationship with our students doesn’t end at graduation. Graduates have lifetime access to our career services department. This resource helps graduates prepare for and obtain their first jobs and is available anytime throughout their professional careers.

Through our career services, you can access job search assistance, interview preparation, resume reviews, and more. You’ll also be able to speak 1:1 with our expert career coaches. Their knowledge of the healthcare industry will help you confidently begin your healthcare career.

Certification Exams — Be Part of Our Perfect Pass Rate

100% of our graduates pass their certification exam on the first try. This means graduates don’t have to waste time taking exams repeatedly, trying to pass. Instead, they can get their certification and get to work.

Advanced eClinical Training offers a quick, flexible, affordable, and highly specialized educational option for pre-professional students pursuing careers in the medical field. Enroll today to begin your journey toward your desired career.

Advanced eClinical Training offers a quick, flexible, affordable, and highly specialized educational option for pre-professional students pursuing careers in the medical field. Enroll today to begin your journey toward your desired career.

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