Medical Programs

Gain a competitive edge for graduate school applications.  Healthcare programs only accept a fraction of applicants. If you’d like to receive an acceptance letter, then you have to distinguish yourself from the crowd.


ACT’s flexible medical programs enhance your application in 3 ways:

ACT’s flexible medical programs enhance your application in 3 ways:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Become an integral part of the medical team, not simply a student

Prove you’re ready for graduate school with a job in healthcare 

Wouldn’t you like to improve your chance to get accepted to your healthcare program? , Discover our range of medical program offerings below!

Your Competitive Edge in a Word: Clinical Experience 

Graduate school admissions committees actively seek out applicants with a proven track record in healthcare. The best way to prove your commitment to the healthcare profession is by working on the frontlines.
In as little as eight weeks, you’ll earn a nationally-recognized certificate. With our affordable online healthcare training programs, you’ll gain hands-on patient care experience, interact with medical professionals, and perform clinical tasks in a healthcare setting.
But there’s more! Our online medical certifications also open doors to paid positions, allowing you to accumulate the critical experience hours required by medical and PA schools. This win-win opportunity distinguishes you from other applicants by showcasing your dedication, skills, and knowledge to admissions committees..
If you’re ready to begin your career in healthcare, then explore different pathways to clinical experience below!

Our Medical Programs

You’ll have a guaranteed clinical placement with any of these programs.

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You don’t have to wait to start your courses after completing online enrollment because we make the materials available to you immediately. We encourage you to enroll today or contact us with any additional questions you may have before starting one of the pre-medical programs at ACT.