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Providing Innovative Accelerated Medical Assistant Program & Credentialing Healthcare Staffing Solutions To Help Organizations Enhance Performance And Patient Care

Quality Training, Compliance, and Credentialing for Medical Assistant Staff

ACT Aims to enhance physician office and clinic performance with innovative workforce development and training solutions. Providing clinical training platforms designed for the development of your CCMA staff.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Compliance Training

Fulfill your clinical staff's compliance training and regulatory requirements with educational tools/platform that provide staff with essential training on diversity, equity, and inclusion, quality control, quality assurance, patient safety and security, privacy, HIPAA, OSHA, ethics, infection control, and much more!

Learning and Performance

Streamline your staff's clinical training, learning, and performance via our engaging digital learning management platform equipped with unique educational tools, high-quality training videos, interactive digital multi-media to enhance your staff's performance and clinical competency. Address and assess knowledge gaps with adaptable customized learning paths, accessible anytime, to ensure delivery of quality patient care.

Accelerated Credentialing

Engage, advance, and retain your medical assistant staff through our tailored 4-week training program which effectively improves their competencies and clinical skill performance. Staff will then take the national certification exam (online) to obtain nationally accredited clinical medical assistant certification.

Talent Solutions

As healthcare systems expand and vacancies increase, we provide qualified candidates certified in the most in-demand positions and have proven exam pass rates higher than the national average.

Quality Accelerated Medical Assistant Program And Credentialing Solutions

As essential members of the healthcare team, Medical Assistants must possess a high level of clinical competence and skill to provide quality patient care efficiently with providers.


Empower your clinical staff with adaptive interactive learning


Enhance clinical staff training & compliance with our personalized learning platform accessible anytime anywhere.


Ensure training requirement are met with expert learning content to support competent learners while empowering medical staff to deliver high quality patient care


Improve your clinical staff’s engagement and confidence in their patient care skill

Addressing medical staff challenges that lead to a decline in quality of healthcare


Delivery of adaptable customized learning platform that effectively assesses knowledge gaps and promotes clinical competency


Develop competent and credentialed medical assistant staff in less than 4 weeks


Empower medical assistant staff to deliver high quality patient care


Enhanced provider satisfaction and overall clinic performance


Improved quality healthcare, patient outcome and quality care

Recruit, Match, Onboard​

Employer Partnership Program

Partnering with Advanced eClinical Training will give you access to a diverse pool of credentialed Clinical Medical Assistants all over the country. We will match you with a CCMA in your area, onboard, and orient/ train them all while lowering your recruitment and hiring costs.

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