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Nationally Accredited Medical Certifications in 8-12 Weeks

Most healthcare positions require an advanced certification. If you attend a community college, you’ll finish your certification in 18-24 months. ACT offers immersive, online training programs to fast track your certification. In as little as 8-12 weeks, you could be applying to jobs confident you have the skills to deliver exceptional patient care

For pre-health students, your program most likely missed one vital component — clinical experience. They expected you to find your own clinical opportunities. ACT’s self-paced, online certification programs fill the gap with guaranteed clinical placements.

By earning an industry-leading credential, you could gain clinical experience and secure a job in healthcare. Get a nationally-recognized certification trusted by employers across the country today!

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Our certifications are faster than community college. They give you more valuable clinical experience than volunteer work. And, they’re more flexible than in-person classes.

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Our commitment to our students is unwavering. We strive to provide outstanding healthcare training and mentorship programs that ensure lifelong learning and success for every student.

Medical Certification Courses

Most jobs in healthcare require advanced certifications, even entry-level positions. Traditional programs at colleges and universities require months or even years to complete. ACT designed online, self-paced programs to certify students in as little as 8-12 weeks. Our immersive online training allows you to conveniently complete your certification. Now, you can apply for jobs in healthcare on your schedule.

Earn a nationally-recognized certificate trusted by employers

Upskill Courses

Upskill certificates highlight your commitment to lifelong learning. They allow you to add additional skills to your resume and enhance existing skills. ACT's online programs help you to quickly and easily stay up-to-date without committing to a university class.

Accelerate your skills today with a upskill certificates

Pre-Health Mentor Programs

Become a more competitive candidate with our pre-health mentoring programs. You could elevate your application with feedback from our expert mentors. They will advise you on everything from interview prep to writing your personal statement. You’ll feel confident you’ve put your best application forward with an expert mentor by your side.

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Online Medical Certification Programs

Clinical Medical Assistant Certification

Medical assistants work in diverse clinical settings. This online medical certification allows you to gain patient care hours or clinical experience for PA, medical, or nursing school. Begin your career in healthcare, even if you’re waiting for an acceptance letter to graduate school.

100% online

15 Modules

8 Weeks

Patient Care Technician Certification

PCTs work directly with patients. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with nurses, medical staff, and physicians. This course is ideal for pre-PA students requiring paid patient care hours. It is also great for pre-nursing/pre-medical students looking to learn basic clinical skills. You’ll showcase your commitment to a career in healthcare as a PCT.

100% online

20 Modules

8 Weeks

Pharmacy Technician Certification

Pharmacy Technicians work directly with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. This medical certification course gives you exposure to pharmacy settings. You’ll also get experience with common medications. It’s ideal for pre-pharmacy, pre-nursing, pre-dental, or pre-medical students. With this certificate, you’ll become a more well-rounded applicant.

100% online

25 Modules

10 Weeks

Physical Therapy Technician Certification

A Physical Therapy Technician works directly with patients under the direction of a physical therapist. It is ideal for anyone interested in rehabilitation, pain medicine, sports medicine, or physical therapy. You’ll also gain the clinical hours required for PA, medical, or nursing school while performing a rewarding job.

100% online

15 Modules

8 Weeks

Phlebotomy Technician Certification

Master phlebotomy skills to qualify for jobs in laboratories or hospitals. This certificate is perfect for gaining exposure to diverse clinical settings. Experience in phlebotomy will also help you enhance your resume for pre-nursing, pre-medical, or pre-PA schools.

100% online

15 Modules

8 Weeks

Online Medical Mentorship Programs

Pre Medical Mentorship Program

Enhance your medical school application with expert mentorship. We designed this program to work around pre-med students’ demanding schedules. Your mentor will customize your plan to fit your other comm-itments. They will also meet virtually for your convenience. Get flexibility built for your life with an online mentorship program.

Pre Physician Assistant Mentorship

Become a competitive candidate with feedback from our expert mentors. They will help you pick the best path forward to gain patient care hours and pursue your passion for healthcare. Professional feedback could help you create an application that stands out from the crowd.

Pre Dental Mentorship Program

Dental school applications are confusing. ACT’s expert mentors guide you step-by-step through the process. With personalized support, you can feel confident you’ve put together the best application possible.

Pre Pharmacy Mentorship Program

Our Pre-Pharmacy Mentorship Program provides a tailored strategic advising plan. Your personalized plan will help you successfully transition from a health pre-professional student to a strong pharmacy school applicant.

Online Upskill Courses

Advanced Medical Terminology

Learn the “language” of healthcare with our Advanced Medical Terminology certificate. It will prepare you for medical, PA, nursing, pharmacy or dental school. Also, ideal for high school students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare. After this certificate, you’ll be able to understand your medical classes or even your job in healthcare more fully.

Clinical Research Certificate

Gain 2 accredited research certificates through this 4-week course. You’ll learn foundational skills to begin working as a clinical research assistant. This certificate will enhance your resume and prove your commitment to best research practices. Begin your journey as a clinical researcher today.

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