Medical Assistants: Responding to Crisis

Medical assistants are an invaluable part of any medical team. They offer the versatility of performing administrative and clinical duties, and that flexibility comes into play during a crisis such as a pandemic. In addition to their everyday tasks, medical assistants must take on advanced responsibilities to ensure patients receive the care they need at this critical time. A national crisis also means higher demand for qualified medical assistants. If you would like to join the efforts to support patient health during a crisis and beyond, learn more about getting your medical assistant certification. 

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The Evolving Role of Medical Assistants During Crisis

As hard as they work to care for an increasing number of patients, doctors and nurses cannot do it all by themselves. They rely heavily on the help of medical assistants in their practice, and this has never been more evident than now. A patient often sees medical assistants more than they would see a physician, putting CCMAs in a prime role to enhance the overall care provided by the facility. 

While certified clinical medical assistants perform the same duties they always have, the crisis calls for an extension of these responsibilities. Just as with all essential workers, the role of medical assistants has evolved with the pandemic. Whether they work in a doctor’s office, a hospital, or any other medical setting, this is the case. 

How Do Medical Assistants Adapt to Crises?

You may be wondering what medical assistants are doing differently in response to the crisis. Here is a look at how their roles have expanded:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of the reception area and patient rooms – This may now involve wearing protective equipment to prevent the spread of illness and performing cleaning duties more frequently.
  • Greeting patients – You will also wear protective gear and triage patients to keep those who may be contagious in a separate area. Infected patients may be brought to a dedicated waiting area or put in private patient rooms to limit their proximity to others.
  • Patient education – Since you interact with patients the most, you will help provide them with helpful information on preventing the spread of disease and implementing their doctor’s orders. 
  • Administering medications – This may now include giving vaccinations.
  • Drawing blood or collecting samples – With the vast increase in patients coming in for medical testing, you may often need to conduct nasal or throat swabs.
  • Scheduling appointments – Many offices are now introducing telehealth appointments, so you may need to incorporate those into the schedule.
  • Prioritizing appointments – During a crisis, priority may be given to those infected or presenting with serious illness. You may need to reschedule appointments lower on the priority list, such as routine or well visits.

While this list is not exhaustive, it gives you a good idea of how medical assistants have adapted to times of crisis and what you can expect if you decide to go into the field.

Advanced eClinical Training: Helping You Earn Your Medical Assistant Certification on Your Terms

There is no better time than now to enter the medical field as a medical assistant. These jobs are in high demand as more people are seeking medical care due to the pandemic. Whether you are interested in a career as a CCMA or it is a stepping stone on your path to medical school, you can rely on Advanced eClinical Training for the online medical certifications you need. With the help of our study guides and certified clinical medical assistant practice tests, you will feel confident and prepared for your certification exam. Enroll today and become a certified medical assistant at your own pace.

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