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Are College Admission Consultants Worth It?

We’re sure you’ve heard of them. As college acceptance rates continue to become more competitive at top schools, many families have turned to college admissions consultants to get a leg up and secure that elusive admission to their child’s dream school.

Now that you’re in college and looking ahead to post-grad medical, PA, dental, or pharmacy programs, you might wonder if a medical school admission consultant may be helpful. We understand how it could appear appealing—they help navigate the complicated waters of medical school admissions, applications, and more. But how much do they really know? And at what cost?

College Admission Consultants

These admissions specialists provide services like helping you find the “perfect” fit for your post-grad studies and setting you up with an actionable road map to get there. However, many admission consultants are generalists who don’t have the first-hand experience of completing a program like the one you hope to enter. Medical programs have their own processes, language, and protocols for admissions and acceptance. It takes a specialist, someone who has stood exactly where you hope to stand, to truly help you succeed.

Additionally, the cost of a college admission consultant can be prohibitive at best and outrageous at worst. Fees for individual services like reviewing a resume or editing a personal statement can range from $500 to more than $5000. Hourly rates tend to hover around the $300 mark but can reach into the thousands. By the time you’ve finally been accepted into the school of your choice, you’ll likely have shelled out tens of thousands of dollars to your admission consultant.

ACT Medical Mentorship Programs

You’re an adult now. You don’t need someone to hold your hand and walk you through the application process. You need the advice and leadership of an established professional in your desired field who can honestly and openly lead you in your career development, starting with searching for the perfect medical program for you.

This is exactly what our medical school consulting program offers. We partner with pre-medical students seeking guidance and personal advising with one of our Physician Advisors. Not only do these individuals intimately understand the admissions and acceptance process, but they’ve also stood exactly where you are and have already been where you want to be.

Through personal advising, strategic timeline planning, interview prep, test prep, resume building, and learning how to ace your application, these valuable mentors will tailor a plan to your needs to help you reach your unique goals.

Before even signing up for our program, you have the opportunity to visit our website and browse the profiles of different mentors for your desired program. You’ll get a clear sense of their key strengths and can even fill out a questionnaire that will help match you with the best mentor for your individualized needs. Once you’ve been assigned a mentor, they’ll work with you to craft a plan that works with your schedule to improve your chances of being accepted into your medical school program of choice.

Cost Comparison

With a college admissions consultant, the total cost can be unclear and gradually increase as you navigate the admissions and application process. Before you know it, you may end up paying several thousands of dollars, wondering where it all went.

Our mentorship program guarantees that will never happen. With a choice of three levels of mentorship programs, you know from the very beginning what you’re paying and exactly what you’ll be getting in return. 

At a fraction of the cost of traditional college admission consultants, you’ll have one-on-one access to your mentor and 12 months of uninterrupted access to our valuable mentorship portal, along with the opportunity to earn your medical terminology certification. At some membership levels, you’ll also enjoy added perks like a full review of your personal statement and a letter of recommendation written by your MD Mentor. This is all for only $2000-$3000, all-inclusive.

Save money and gain the edge in the competitive world of medical school applications with support from ACT’s medical school admission consultant program. Enroll today, or contact us to learn more!

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