Is the medical assistant certificate valid in canada?

Simple answer → Yes.

It's easy to get certified as a canadian student.

no long applications required

Canadian students are eligible to enroll in our online medical certification programs.

For your convenience, we accept applications all year long.  You choose your own start and end dates. It is an 8-week certification program, and you have access to our self-paced learning platform for 12-months. 

Unlike community colleges, we’ve streamlined the application process for our students.

You do not have to:

If you want an instantly recognizable certificate, this is it. 

Your medical assistant certification will be issued by our credentialing body, National HealthCareer Association (NHA). This body is recognized in Canada, as well as internationally. You will also receive a certificate issued by Advanced eClinical Training. You may show either certificate to potential employers to prove your expertise

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Stop The Healthcare Shortage. Be Part Of The Solution

As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our world-class healthcare system. Yet, today it’s a system in crisis. A system that needs people like you to give compassionate, high quality care. 

If you want to legitimately make a difference, then consider a job as a medical assistant. 

Right now, the Government of Canada classifies job opportunities for medical assistants as moderate to very good depending on the province. 

**Screen shot from Government of Canada website accessed in May 2023.

A fulfilling career in healthcare is calling you.

What is a medical assistant in canada?

Medical assistants most often provide care in outpatient clinics and private doctors’ offices. They manage both administrative and clinical tasks. 

Clinical medical assistants may be responsible for sterilizing and cleaning equipment, operating diagnostic equipment, assisting other healthcare professionals, and instructing patients on  procedures. You can find a full list of potential job duties on the Government of Canada website.

Where do medical assistants work?

As a medical assistant, you could impact the lives of patients in diverse healthcare settings:

  • Mental health clinic
  • Doctor’s office, including specialist
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy 
  • Diagnostic care center
  • Surgical specialists
  • Nursing home
  • Hospice

Will a medical assistant job help me get into medical school?

Applications to medical schools in Canada include a section to highlight employment. It is not necessary to gain clinical experience before applying. However, you may prefer building your career in healthcare instead of working at another job.

In fact, we exclusively designed our program for pre-health students. We know you don’t have 1-2 years to obtain an advanced certification from a community college, but you also can’t get hired without one. Our program qualifies you to be a medical assistant in only 8-weeks.

You shouldn’t have to wait to get into medical school to start your career in healthcare. Get an entry-level job in healthcare as your summer job with this quick certification program.

How A Certification could change your career.

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You deserve to confidently apply to positions that explore your passion for helping others. 

With a certification, your fulfilling career in healthcare could follow this trajectory:

A rewarding career in healthcare is closer than you think.

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