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What To Look For In A Medical Assistant Certification Program

An online medical assistant certification program offers pre-health students the opportunity to gain essential clinical and patient care skills before pursuing an undergraduate or post-grad health-related degree. The training prepares students for hands-on, patient-facing positions in a variety of hospital and clinical settings.

But not all training programs are created equal. Here’s what to consider when choosing a medical assistant certification program.


A legitimate medical assistant certification program prepares you to pass the nationally recognized National Health Association (NHA) certification exam and obtain your Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Certification.

Without this certification, you won’t be able to work hands-on with patients, or in medical settings. Having the opportunity to sit—and be well-prepared for—this exam is paramount when choosing your medical program.

Exam Preparation and Support

If the goal of a medical assistant certification program is to prepare for the test, the kind of preparation and support a program offers should be a top priority. Ask different programs what they do to prepare their students and what their success rate is for passing the test.

At ACT, we have extensive resources to help you succeed on your exam. This includes 1,400 scored practice questions, 700 self-evaluation assessments, and 130 exam questions. Our method works, too. Our students pass the test the first time 100% of the time.


It’s important for programs to have a flexible schedule and timetable. Many students are juggling jobs, family commitments, and school, making it difficult to adhere to a strict class schedule. This can be discouraging and make it difficult for students to complete their course of study.

All of our programs at ACT are entirely self-paced. You can run through the whole course in 8-12 weeks or take up to a year to complete it. Without set class times, you’re free to study early in the morning, late at night, or any other time that makes sense with your busy schedule.


Now more than ever, getting to a brick-and-mortar classroom can be difficult. With more people working from home, less people owning cars, and many working non-traditional schedules, getting to a campus is not only time-consuming, but also nearly impossible for many.

ACT is proud to be 100% online, eliminating long commutes, and removing geographical barriers. You can enroll in our online medical assistant certification program from anywhere in the United States and Canada and complete your course work from your own home.

Analytics and Reporting

One challenge to a self-guided medical assistant program is the tendency to lose track of where you are in the program, and what assignments and units you have and haven’t completed.

At ACT, we’ve implemented a selection of analytics and reporting tools that track your progress and let you know how much further you have to go. We remove the guesswork, so you can focus on succeeding.

Ongoing Support

While a medical assistant certification program may last for only a short time, it is one of the first steps toward your medical career. When choosing a program, investigate what kind of support and services it offers after you’ve completed your initial studies.

ACT offers access to our career services department for life. This means that whether you graduated three months or three years ago, you are always welcome to come back for help updating your resume, perfecting your cover letter, or preparing to interview for your next position.

CCMA Certification at ACT

At ACT, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our students. Our online medical certifications are designed with their current and ongoing success as our top priority. We support, prepare, and advocate for our students while they’re with us, and long after they’ve joined the world of working health professionals.

Enroll today to get started on your journey or check out our other blogs to learn more about how to become a certified medical assistant.

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