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Dental School Rankings: The Best Dental Schools in the Country

Securing your spot in a dental school can be quite the journey, often characterized by intense competition. To give you a perspective, consider Harvard University’s dental school—a stellar institution that only opens its doors to a tight 3.3% of applicants. The acceptance rate is, without a doubt, steep.

Even those schools known for a more generous acceptance policy present their fair share of challenges. A prime example would be the University of Utah, where a slightly more forgiving rate of 24.6% still means that less than a quarter of hopefuls secure that eagerly-awaited acceptance letter each year.

So, if your dreams involve wearing that dental coat after your undergraduate degree, early planning becomes your best friend. Choosing your school as early as possible can give you a significant edge, allowing you ample time to decipher their unique admission guidelines. This strategy grows in importance if your aim is to enter the prestigious hallways of the country’s top-rated dental schools. Read on to learn more about the country’s best dental schools, and how ACT’s dental mentorship program can help set you up for dental school success.

Criteria for Dental School Rankings

Unlike medical schools, there are no set criteria for ranking dental schools. It depends on the organization providing the ranking. Each school offers a unique program with mission-based differences to consider.

That is why it is essential that you do your research about the school before applying. Finding the right dental school helps to determine what residency program you enter. Each school may offer different subspecialties, too.

Some things that might factor into ranking dental schools include:

  • Admission requirements
  • Programs
  • Graduation rates
  • Location
  • School reputation
  • Research opportunities
  • Clinical experience
  • Faculty

When researching available schools, you should determine what factors matter most to you so you know what to look for.

Best Dental Schools

The top ten dental schools in the U.S. based on criteria set by the Q.S. World University Rankings are:

  • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor – Top public research university in the country. The dental school offers a wide range of clinical opportunities but is highly competitive.
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – The Adams School of Dentistry is nationally recognized as a leader in the dental industry.
  • University of Washington – Seattle – Nationally renowned for oral health research.
  • University of California – San Francisco – One of the leading medical schools for dentistry and oral health.
  • Harvard University – Elite school with a full range of dental programs.
  • New York University – One of the largest dental schools in the country and the top dental academic program.
  • Texas A&M – College Station – Offers hands-on training at their Science Center. 
  • University of Iowa – Faculty includes some of the top educators and researchers in the dental industry. 
  • University of California – Los Angeles – Home to a state-of-the-art facility that includes a dental clinic. 
  • University of Pennsylvania – Reputation for excellence in clinical practice and research. 

The acceptance rates for these schools range from 4% at Harvard University to 86% at the University of Iowa.

Navigating Your Path to Dental School

Given the competitive acceptance rates for dental school, your best option is a mentorship program to help you decide what school is right for you and why. Our dental mentorship program can put you on the right path at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional admission consultant programs.

ACT’s dental mentorship program doesn’t merely show you the way; it walks the journey with you, pairing you with a seasoned DMD mentor who can empathize with the challenges you face and guide you with first-hand experiences. 

The beauty of this mentorship lies in its personalized one-on-one service, carefully crafted to help you navigate the landscape of dental school offerings and understand why a particular school could be a winning choice for your career.

Enrolling in this mentorship program empowers you to make informed, strategic decisions that will lay a robust foundation for your dental career, beginning with a clear understanding of what you seek in a dental school.

The ACT dental mentors bring a wealth of expertise to the table, including:

  • Guiding you through prerequisite coursework and course planning,
  • Providing expert DAT preparation,
  • Assisting in strategic timeline planning,
  • Offering expert analysis of rejection scenarios,
  • Conducting mock interview preparation,
  • Delivering guidance on volunteer and clinical experiences,
  • Conducting detailed reviews of your application and providing valuable guidance.

These services could very well be the game-changer, tipping the scales in favor of gaining acceptance into the dental school of your choice. The ACT mentorship program allows you to choose a plan uniquely tailored to your needs, maintaining a balance of high personalization and affordability to ensure you don’t strain your resources.

In addition to personalized mentoring, you also gain access to a broad array of resources, ready to answer any lingering questions you may have. With mentor sessions conducted live virtually, you’re assured of direct, timely guidance, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

It’s time to take the reins of your dental career. Enroll today and embark on your journey toward the dental school of your dreams!

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