Medical Certification Courses for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

Advanced eClinical Training offers fast-track online medical certification courses for international medical graduates. Our programs are designed to help you gain the clinical experience and job placement you need to practice medicine in the United States.

Become more Competitive with U.S. Clinical Experience

Residency placements remain competitive within the U.S. In 2022, 41.9% of International Medical Graduates were not matched. More clinical experience could be an asset for your residency application.

An advanced certification also ensures you’re qualified for a different job within healthcare if you remain unmatched. These new career opportunities allow you to network with other doctors already practicing within the U.S. before applying again for a residency placement.

Advanced eClinical Training | Medical Certification Courses for IMGs

For International Medical Graduates

What job should you get while waiting to…

  • Write your board exams
  • Get matched with a residency
  • Receive your medical license

The New Pathway for International Medical Graduates

Instead of waiting for the system to process your endless paperwork, you could get the advanced certification demanded by a variety of healthcare jobs in as little as a week. Right now, there are more opportunities than ever before in the American healthcare system because of the severe healthcare shortage. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 16% growth in job opportunities for medical assistants.

You could fill any number of positions with your skills. 

Imagine if you had a direct patient care job in medicine, then you could:
  • Network with other healthcare professionals instead of waiting at home for news about the “next steps” in the process.
  • Gain experience with the US medical system so you stop worrying about if your training transfers to American clinical settings.
  • Discover new opportunities you never knew existed by working in diverse healthcare settings.
The only thing standing between you and a new job in healthcare — is an advanced certification. 

In the United States, every job from a medical assistant to a pharmacy technician to a patient care technician, requires certification. These certifications usually require students to spend 1-2 years at a community college.

However, International Medical Graduates should not have to re-train for these positions. You do not lack knowledge. You lack the correct certification to get a job in the American Medical system.

Fast-Track Medical Certifications for IMGs

Instead of asking you to needlessly re-train in a 1-2 year community college program, we took a different approach.

You get an Interactive Study Guide to review the relevant material. Then, you pass the exam.

Get Certified In As Little As 1 Week For Half The Cost.

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3-Step Certification Process

Get Certified in One Week!

Step 1: Complete the Interactive Study Guide

Your study guide contains all the information covered in your certification exam. In acknowledgment of your previous medical training, we removed all virtual simulations and hands-on training from this course.

Clinical skills taught in our regular course include administering injections, taking vital signs, reading ECGs, venipuncture, handling laboratory specimens, and more. If you’d like more practice on any of those skills, we suggest enrolling in our regular 8-week courses.

Step 2: Pass Practice Exams

After completion of the interactive study guide, you will gain access to 3 practice exams that closely mimic the national certification exam. Most International Medical Graduates find they already know most of the material.

Step 3: Take the National Certification Exam

Schedule and take the national certification exam online immediately upon completion of your practice exams. Obtain your nationally accredited certification, which is valid in all 50 states.

How We Help You Get a Foot in the Door of the U.S. Healthcare System

Job hunting requires more than great test scores. In today’s job market, recruiters now consider resumes and interviews equally important. As an international graduate, it can be difficult to find mentors in the U.S. medical system.

As part of your course, you receive access to our professional services:

  • Get your resume reviewed by  working M.D.s with a passion for helping students succeed in their healthcare careers
  • Discover what’s working for other IMGs in our online community and forum
  • Receive advice from physicians who know exactly what hiring committees look for in your interview responses
  • Gain the confidence to show hiring committees the depth and breadth of your knowledge

Why You’re Perfectly Positioned to Get Certified

The U.S. healthcare system wants to employ people with a proven track record, such as IMGs.

Your skillset gives you a huge advantage when taking certification exams because:

  • You’ve already practiced medicine in a clinical setting.
  • The medical school trained you on how to pass standardized tests.
  • You’re eager to confidently apply what you’ve learned to other healthcare areas.

Which certification is right for you?

With the right certification, you could start making a difference in patients’ lives in as little as one week.

Medical Assistant Certification

  • Facilitate communication between the patient and other healthcare staff
  • Work primarily in private doctor’s offices and outpatient clinics
  • Assist with clinical procedures, including surgical in-office interventions
  • Gain experience in outpatient specialties, such as plastic surgery or podiatry.

Patient Care Technician Certification

  • Use your clinical skills to ensure high-quality patient care
  • Treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions
  • Work in the hospital, intensive care units, emergency rooms, cardiac care units, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes
  • Pursue your passion for medicine in diverse clinical settings

Pharmacy Technician Certification

  • Process prescription requests
  • Accurately measure medication amounts
  • Prepare medications for distribution
  • Provide medication information to patients and maintain records

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