Skills You’ll Gain as a Medical Assistant

Pursuing a career as a medical assistant is both rewarding and challenging. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the role of a medical assistant becomes even more pivotal. From clinical responsibilities to administrative tasks, medical assistants wear many hats. But what are the essential skills of a medical assistant that you’ll gain in this […]

What Does a Research Assistant Do?

Envision yourself at the forefront of medical advancements. If this resonates with you, the role of a clinical research assistant beckons. These professionals are instrumental in facilitating clinical trials, paving the way for groundbreaking medications and devices to receive the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seal of approval. As a clinical research assistant, you collaborate […]

CCMA vs. CMA: What’s the Difference?

Considering a fulfilling healthcare career that immerses you in patient care without the extended academic commitment? The role of a medical assistant could be your calling. These professionals are integral to hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. In the realm of medical assisting, two predominant pathways emerge: CMA and CCMA. Grasping the nuances between them is […]

How Long Is Phlebotomy School? How to Get Your Certification Quickly

Are you exploring the dynamic world of medical careers, seeking a path that’s not only vital but also rewarding? Phlebotomy may have caught your attention and for good reasons. As a phlebotomist, you’ll find yourself in a profession that enjoys robust job security, given that nearly every medical setting requires these skilled experts.  What sets […]

What Do Physical Therapists Do? A Day in the Life

A career as a physical therapist (PT) is not only rewarding but also filled with diverse opportunities. The primary role of a PT is to assist patients in recovering from various types of injuries. These injuries could be sports-related, a side effect of a disease, post-surgical, due to an accident, or simply a part of […]

How to Become a CCMA Online

If you are interested in becoming a certified clinical medical assistant, online training can help. Here is how you can become a CCMA online. Become a CCMA online today! If you want to help others while working with interesting people, you should consider a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) career. Online training can help in […]

Top 3 Things to Look For in a Medical Assistant Training Program

Are you considering studying to become a medical assistant? Here’s everything you need to look for in a medical assistant training program. When your health is poor, it is hard to enjoy almost anything else. That is why there is such incredible demand for professionals who can help people to maintain their health. In fact, there […]

How Do You Get Your Foot in the Door in the Medical Field?

Whether you are a prospective student looking to get into a medical professional school or are looking to get a feel for the medical field, it can be hard to know where to start. It may appear as if everyone working in the medical field requires years of school and degrees to get these positions […]

What Does A Pharmacy Technician Do

Why Should I Become a Pharmacy Technician? Learn about the roles and responsibilities of becoming a pharmacy technician and how to become certified completely online with Advanced eClinical Training.  After opening the door to a drugstore, feelings of nervousness and anxiety begin to take over. Whether it is for a refill of a medication that […]


Opioids are drugs that need to be cultivated from a plant and are traditionally used for pain relief and treatment. When used for pain control, opioids lessen discomfort by intercept the message and block the pain sensor from reaching the brain. One of the reasons this process can be so deadly is that the drug binds to […]